Last Update: 03/11/2010
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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Product stewardship

  • Global directives on product safety and product stewardship
  • Global goals
  • Product safety reviewed for the entire value-adding chain
  • Business opportunities with products that have positive technical properties without undesired side effects

Product safety is an important part of our risk management. We strive for uniformly high standards for product stewardship worldwide which go beyond mere compliance with legal requirements. Our standards are based on our risk assessments and product testing, as well as comprehensive, up-to-date information about our products and how to use them safely.

Global responsibility for products

We ensure that our products pose no danger to people or the environment when they are used responsibly and in the manner intended. The basis is provided by our global directives on product stewardship and product safety. Our directive on product stewardship contains our voluntary commitment with worldwide goals and applies to all operative decision makers, who are also responsible for its implementation. We review the safety of our products along the entire value-adding chain – from our raw materials suppliers to our own production and finally to our customers’ use of the products. To tap market opportunities, we are working on products that have positive characteristics without undesired side effects, such as low-dust tile adhesives and mortar or alternative plasticizers for plastics.
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2020 GOAL

Risk assessment of all products


Risk assessment of all products that we sell in quantities of more than one metric ton per year

Based on risk assessments, we want to review all substances produced or sold worldwide in the BASF Group in quantities of more than 1 metric ton per year. The risk posed by a substance is based on the combination of its hazardous properties and the potential impact on people and the environment. As part of this process, we conduct studies, collect data with customers on product use, and carry out risk assessments. Furthermore, we want to review our sales products, including mixtures, in the same way, regardless of the volume of individual substances they contain. We are therefore going far beyond the legal requirements.

With our goals we are supporting the implementation of the Global Product Strategy (GPS) of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA). GPS is to establish global standards and practices to improve the safety of using chemical substances worldwide and to implement the Responsible Care Global Charter. We are taking part in information and further training events related to GPS around the world, and particularly in Asia. In addition to our commitment to GPS, we are also voluntarily engaged in the United Nations’ Strategic Approach for International Chemicals Management (SAICM).

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